A Few Favourites

The 21 Pirates


The Challenge

The 21 Pirates collective held a show at Mac Birmingham with the theme 'My Favourites' Like the name suggests, the brief was to create anything that represents your favourite films or games. 

The Solution

I chose a whole array of my favourite film and games - not an easy task - then created an icon to represent each of them. Just for kicks I had them vinyl cut and presented my piece on a skateboard! ​

Software / Tools

  • Adobe Illustrator CC

  • Adobe Photoshop CC

  • Adobe Bridge CC

  • Sketching


  • All of it!

Goomba's Shoe

Super Mario brothers 3, 1991

The Giants Jaw Screw

The Iron Giant, 1999


Unravel, 2016

The Triforce

Zelda: A Link To The Past, 1992


Good Will Hunting, 1997


Pokemon, 1998

The Lighthouse

BioShock, 2008

Michael's Marbles

Hook, 1991

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