Hasbro / Big potato games


The Challenge

I love to play with Hanafuda cards - a type of Japanese playing card that has many game modes. Problem is nobody really takes the time to get the hang of them. 
Big Potato put out a call for a re-imagining of an old game, and this fit the bill (as it is over 100 years old...)

The Solution

My favourite game mode is called 'Koi-Koi', it's a complex matching game system that uses 12 sets of 4 cards in each, not to mention the multiple combinations and special hands. I decided that I would simplify the game right down - I created KOIKOI, a match four-game system..

Each player starts with 4 cards, trades or swaps one out each turn for a different card until they get a full set - the all symbols card acts like a joker card.

Software / Tools

  • Adobe Illustrator CC

  • Adobe After Effects CC

  • Adobe Photoshop CC

  • Adobe Bridge CC

  • Adobe Media Encoder CC


  • The whole sha-bang. Branding + Design.


Playing Card Design

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