Red Ninja / BCU

The Challenge

Birmingham City University felt that they needed a portfolio website for its School of Visual Communication - a place for employees to 'Cherry Pick' students.

I was approached to create the branding and style guide for the company Red Ninja who would be designing and building the website.

The Solution

Each cherry represents a year the student is studying on the design course (3 Years) - as the years go by the student grows in skill and knowledge, represented here by the increasing size of the cherry.

Software / Tools

  • Adobe Illustrator CC

  • Adobe InDesign CC

  • Adobe Bridge CC

  • Sketching


  • Branding

  • Style Guide


Unused Concepts 
Growing Cherries in a lab

Cherry Plucking

Simply Cherries

We grow...Bananas?

Style Guide 
Information omitted by request

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